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About Us

A Flooring Company With 10+ Years of Experience

We welcome you to MCM Flooring, a family owned company,leading name in the industry of flooring as we are here to provide multiple flooring related services and products for residential and commercial clients.

Choosing quality flooring material can be a tough job if you do not have the perfect flooring expert to help you out. Without us, the look and feel of your home floors will remain empty and drab. Not to mention there might be the onset of so many other problems as well. So, the right thing to do in that case would be to choose a proper contractor to get the best possible flooring materials and other services for your homes.

Well, that is exactly where we come to action. With the help of our services and products, we make your floors look absolutely elegant and unique. It is due to this reason that we are known as the best Cleveland flooring contractor in the area. With a hundred percent satisfaction record for our service, we are a reliable name in the flooring industry. Do you want to know a bit more about us? Well, stay tuned and you will get to know every single nook and corner of MCM Flooring. See for yourself why we are the best.

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